Reviewed: Pediatric Associates of Dallas

Established in 1971, Pediatric Associates of Dallas is one of the top Pediatric solution based in Dallas. Pediatric Associates of Dallas offers pediatric nurses and medical assistants, trained in-house lab technicians, a friendly and helpful administrative office. 
Here we will discuss and review all services, treatments, facilities offered by Pediatric Associates of Dallas. 
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Address: 7859 Walnut Hill Lane #200 Dallas, TX 75230

Phone Number:  214-369-7661

pediatric associates of dallas hours: 08:00am – 9 pm

PAD offer a wide variety of services for your child, from pediatric care for general health maintenance, as well as numerous kinds of therapies and diagnostics.

Pediatric Associates Of Dallas specializes in Adolescent Medicine, Family Medicines, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Pediatrics and Family Medicine with 22 physicians.

Services offered by Pediatric Associates of Dallas:

  • Laboratory Services
  • Family and Play Therapist
  • Feeding Therapist
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations
  • Nutritionist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Psycho-Educational Evaluations
  • Adult and Parenting Support
  • Parenting Groups
  • Child and Adolescent Groups

Pediatric Associates of Dallas review

"My daughter has been going to PAD since she was an infant. We have never had a bad experience nor a questionable one. My favorite quality about PAD would have to be the honest feedback I have received when asking the Doctors what they would do as parents. I would highly recommend PAD for your little one.”
John W.
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List of Doctors available in PAD

pediatric associates of dallas dallas tx

Christina Bourland, M.D.
Michael E. Brown, M.D.
Early B. Denison, M.D.Maribel Diaz-Esquivel, M.D.
Christopher K. Dreiling, M.D.

List of Physicians available in PAD

Nicole Corrigan-Garrett, M.D.
Charles S. Dunlap, M.D.Amy Hayes, M.D.

Cynthia G. Webb, M.D.